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Renting management

The profession by renting administrator (the manager) consists in taking care of the property of an owner who wishes to entrust the management to a professional of the real estate.

The stake in renting management of an immovable property unloads the landlord of the current management of its property :


  • Signature of the lease contract
  • The order of the expert for the inventory of fixtures
  • The recovery of the rents and the loads
  • The payment of invoices (syndic, deduction...)
  • Deducts from loads owner /tenant
  • The follow up of the possible repairs, a refresh of the possessions, the presentation of estimate for the more consequent works
  • Representation of the owner by the general assemblies of co-ownership, legal tranquillity assistance of the owner

The administrator becomes the unique correspondent with the tenant unburdening so completely the owner. In case the tenant meets a problem he indicates it to the owner.

These technical problems will be resolved or directly or by the sending to the owner of a detailed estimate of the works to be realized. The manager is anxious to report his management periodically.

The fund collections are monthly poured to the owner, after having honoured the loads connected to the property.

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Between 8 and 10 % except the VAT according to the chosen services, the location of the property and the amount of the rent.

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